Entertainment Services

Ck Security Group offers various benefits that have proven efficacious for the entertainment industry across twenty years of service.

We offer highly versatile guards, including armed, unarmed, uniformed or plain clothed. These choices will bring the most tailored and effective guards to ensure safety.

We also offer, and specialize in, high profile threat assessment, audience screening, executive protection, personal and set security, as well as movie and studio lot or location secrtity.

We are proud to provide both secure transportation and itinerary assessments.


CK Security Group provides loss prevention services for many of the city’s large retailers.  We provide professional, uniformed guards and undercover operatives that will prevent larceny, while securing your property, employees, customers, facilities and inventory.


CK Security Group puts our clients and their tenants in safe hands with our experienced guards in your lobby. Our professional appearance is the first lasting appearance, that is sure to, raise quality of life and ensure a safe living environment. We secure your properties, assets, tenants, and employees from; theft, vandalism, and personal injury, all while preventing unauthorized access to your property.